Why the long face?

It’s amazing to think I have friends and family who wouldn’t dream of coming all the way to London for something as frivolous as a birthday party – albeit a reasonably momentous one – but would consider it decidedly bad form if they failed to turn up for my funeral. Putting aside the fact that I won’t be having a funeral, I’ve got to say that it does suggest priorities that are decidedly out of whack.

If however, like me you believe that life is very much for the living – irrespective of how old, or young, you might be – then you really should consider joining me for what promises to be a memorable night. I don’t do speeches, so basically it will be four hours of the very best in live and recorded music, with London at night providing a spectacular rolling backdrop.

So please don’t wait to mourn my passing after I’ve gone, come and join me on October 18th to celebrate the fact that I’m still here and having it large!

Email me at davidgurman@me.com for tickets or further details.

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