Humanity or Hypocrisy?

If you’ve spent any time on social media recently (and frankly who hasn’t in these locked down days?), you can’t have failed to notice a rash of posts complaining about how cruel people are being about our prime minister. I saw one this morning accompanied by the photograph below stating: “*This is not a political post. This is a post for human kindness*” and it went on to declare, “Whether you love him or loath him, whether you agree with his decisions or not. Please remember that this man is a human being!

And he certainly looks like a man who is carrying the cares and concerns of a nation on his shoulders. However in the absence of any context, he could just as well have been informed that his pregnant girlfriend had found out about the waitress he’d shagged!

Frankly it would be easier to believe that these posts are purely apolitical statements by individuals whose only concerns are around man’s inhumanity to his fellow man, if I’d seen anything like the same level of concern expressed on any of the innumerable occasions that Diane Abbot was subjected to the most vile and incredibly hurtful personal abuse; or if just one of the people who have shared their posts – including the ones who claim they’re not Tory supporters – had ever posted anything in support of this much maligned human being.

(And yes obviously I realise that if they were secure in the privacy of their local Conservative Club, they’d laugh out loud at the prospect of a black woman being afforded the sort of consideration they are demanding for their blonde haired, blue eyed, Bullingdon boy.)

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