Big 70th Birthday Bash

7pm to 11pm, Friday 18th October 2024

Boarding from 6:45pm: Tower Millennium Pier, Lower Thames St, London, EC3N 4DT
As difficult as it might be to believe, I will be 70 next October! When I was younger I’d never really done birthday parties, but I was presented with a surprise one for my 40th and I enjoyed it so much that I decided I’d have to have another for my 50th. it turned out to be a grand affair with multiple live performers in a big room on the 29th floor of Guys Hospital at London Bridge with spectacular views across London.

50th Birthday Party, 29th floor of Guys Hospital, London Bridge
My 60th wasn’t quite on the same scale, but lots of my nearest and dearest joined me in the White Lion in Streatham and I believe that everyone who made the effort to travel all the way to the Deep South were well pleased that they had (not least because Wendy made a very tasty, massive – 15 eggs – cake).

60th Birthday Party, The White Lion, Streatham
If I’m honest I didn’t really think I’d be around and inclined to party when I was 70; but having sailed past my 69th birthday feeling happy, healthy and as fit as I’m likely to be with all my broken bits, I can’t wait to have my biggest, best party ever.
So I’ve chartered the Dutch Master (the largest party boat on the Thames) so I can do it in style. Obviously that ain’t cheap and I’ll have been a pensioner for four years by then so I’ll have charge £20 per person to pay for it (but I won’t be expecting any presents). However that twenty quid will buy you four hours cruising up and down the river in one of the World’s greatest cities, on a classy, fully licensed, triple decked boat accompanied by live music and top notch DJs.

Soul Cruises
Anyone who joined me for any of the Soul Cruises I arranged for 10 years in a row (starting in 2004) will know exactly what to expect, so many of them will be getting in early to make sure they get onboard. As you’d expect, my family and oldest, closest friends will be getting first dibs, but whatever spaces are left after that will be available on a first come first served basis so be sure to register your interest early.

Just fill in this contact form if you have any questions or you’d like to get your name on the guest list.

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